Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Online Book

Promoting your online book is essential if you want people to know about it and read it. If you are self publishing your book, then you will also be in charge of marketing it appropriately. But, do you know how to do it? These ideas will help you draw more attention to your online books, increase their visibility and pump up their sales.

Why Promoting Your Online Book Is Important?
Since almost everybody now has access to the Internet, it has become incredibly easy and frequent to search for different kinds of products online and then purchase them through e-commerce sites or the virtual shops of their popular and favorite stores.

Books are not out of this growing tendency and a lot of talented authors have been increasingly publishing their books online. Just log into and you will be amazed to discover how many self published authors are offering their books over the Internet.

Needless to say, competition is also hard and, therefore, it is of utmost importance that your book gets noticed.

Promotion allows you to:
• Portray yourself as a serious author who knows how the publishing industry works.
• Let others know what you have written
• Have more chances of increasing your sales rate
• Improve your brand awareness
• Create Internet buzz around you and your work
• Create expectation regarding your book
• Encourage potential readers to become actual readers of your book.

About Promoting You Online Book
As an author, you can choose between promoting your book both online and offline. In other words to rely on the multiple opportunities that Internet offers you or to rely on the more traditional channels that writers have taken advantage of for years.

Although you are the one who is going to make the final call, you are highly advised to opt for a combination of online and offline marketing strategies in order to ensure that a larger number of people gets to know about your book.

Besides, marketing your book both online and offline allows you to combine different promotional techniques that are tailored suit for your budget.

Offline Marketing Strategies To Promote Worth Adopting
There are many traditional marketing strategies that can help you promote your online book and that have proven to be successful for years. Let’s just mention some of them:

• Sending press releases to literary magazines and/or to journalists telling them about you and your book is important. There are many online sites that can distribute your press release nationally and internationally either for free or for only a few bucks. In order to know to which journalists you should send your press release, buy local and national newspapers and try to get the email address of those who comment on books.

• Organize Book Signings: This may be a bit difficult to organize on your own and it is very likely that you will need the help of an event planner or a PR professional. Book signings will also imply having at least some printed copies of your book and having everything ready to print more samples if needed.

• Print custom bookmarks: Bookmarks are excellent ways of promoting your book as everybody knows receiving some kind of token.